We made a promise to our first customer! Our tribute to a star who is now in heaven

Posted by Minu Mathew on

Why do we put out customers first?  
You do not have to scroll to the bottom of this post to know why. We are a customer-centric business because of a promise we made to our very first client Mrs Sarah George, my grandmother.
She was my mentor, life guru and go-to-person. Not one of my ideas were mocked or belittled. That gave me wings, to explore and experiment. That is when I decided to launch ART-ery. As any new entrepreneur, I wanted the best for my brand and would iterate the processes to make it perfect. There was a sense of fear as well, Of failure and hiccups on the way.
My first client was my grandmother. She was financially independent and she selected a soft cotton scarf which she would often wear on her rare outings and a floral headband which was one from the launch collection.
There were a few things she shared then that we hold on to every day with every transaction. 
Every transaction is a process of exchange, of a product that was passed on by many hands like artists, designers, karigars, logistics person, an intern and a delivery boy before it reaches the client. The customer, in turn, gives us money which is hard-earned. So the product that they are about to receive is always sprinkled with the magic dust of gratitude and love. Sending positive vibes all along. 
Thus our products become part of your great memories.
I lost my grandmother in April of 2019. But even today every transaction has her blessings and energies that keep us humble and honest.
As we start a new decade, we really miss you. 



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  • Hi Minu,
    May her soul rest in peace …..am sure she was a strong woman and u have all her traits …we are all with you to support artery and I promise I will be a good client to you always

    Lakshmi on
  • Amni ammachi has always been special and full of skills.. You are her protege..really proud to see all your success..

    Anu on
  • Really heart touching Minu… Yes… As you mentioned, you truly value your customers… You always try to keep in touch with me whenever you find me missing…. And also you take a lot of effort to respond to each and every queries of your customers…. Really proud of you dear… Way to go…..

    Devi on

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